"Whale of an Idea" is an additional benefit: It's an online show in a very simple format that offers guests a chance to explain their startup, product, service, or business model and how they plan to scale it up, "big time." Guests are also allowed to explain what they are looking for. Think of it as a quick and precise "Pitch" for startups, products, services, and business models. https://whaleofanidea.net.
I've got a "whale of an idea" and wish I could pitch it on shows like "shark tank" or "elevator pitch," but not only am I going up against THOUSANDS of other idea applicants (shark tank gets like 20,000 applicants) but I've also got to cover travel expenses and other stage props. How does a regular person like me even have a chance? Problem solved! 92% of all applicants qualify to be on the "whale of an idea" show. Watch a sample show
Things And People You Might Be Looking
For When Creating Your Show.
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