There's a couple of different ways to generate income from our program.

1. By purchasing our $500 advertising package, not only will you receive your own promo/coupon code (so your "invitees" can get a membership for only $2 instead of the normal $297), then, if ANY of those people also purchase an advertising package, you'll receive a $200 commission.

2. We also just added a separate form of advertising. It's where you can have your own full page with a banner ad that's not inside the membership. Click here to see a sample from "The Giving Tree." The price to receive one of these pages is $200 (and yes that includes your promo/coupon). Should one of your "invitees" make this purchase, you would receive a $100 commission. AND - If they purchase the regular advertising package ($500), you'll still receive the $200 commission.

More to come ...
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