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Print Shops ... The majority of customers at "print shops" are business people. "Get your business cards from us, and receive a FREE $297 "Support Local Business Day" platform to help your business grow and save on operating expenses. Result: Have a marketing advantage over your competitors. Give more value to your customers.

Insurance Agents ... Insurance Agents want more business clients. Here's how they can get them. "Business owners, call us for a free insurance quote and receive a FREE $297 "Support Local Business Day" platform to help your business grow and save on operating expenses. Please note: If you're a captive agent, you can still use this program to generate more leads for your business. Furthermore ... It gives you the perfect opportunity to reach out and give existing clients, their own "Support Local Busines Day" platform and of course, while doing that, you can give them an update on YOUR latest insurance products they should be using. One customer can more than pay for our optional advertising package. Result: You'll get more and larger clients (businesses). More leads means more business.

Network Marketers ... Use (SLBD) "Support Local Business Day" to get more people viewing your opportunity and show up for more webinars and conference calls. Furthermore, SLBD is not a network marketing program, it gives you the ability to get more mainstream people interested in your opportunity. Result: Get more mainstream people involved in your program, which will build your organization far beyond just traditional network marketers.

Social Networking ... SLBD can make a great "thank you for subscribing or liking us" on ANY of your social networks. Remember. You can giveaway unlimited memberships to help build your social network. Result: Imagine building your social network because of this ethical bribe.

Business Organizations ... If your target market is business people or business owners, our program is perfect fit for you. You can "bundle" SLBD right into your membership or subscription package. Remember, It's the client that pays the $2.00 processing fee, NOT YOU! Please Note: You do have the option of paying the fee for the client, and including it in your membership or subscription package, however, we have found it's NOT necessary. Result: Imagine creating even greater value for your customers, which in turn, closes more deals for you.

Media Outlets ... Do you have a Newspaper, TV Show, Radio Show, Podcast, Blog and so on? There are lots of business people who watch or read your media. Use SLBD as a "thank you" for subscribing to your list, subscribing to your podcast, as a closer for a purchase, as an incentive to come to your "special event" and more. Result: Get more people to take a call-to-action for subscribing to your media and special events.

Webinars and Seminars ... Here's how to use our program if you're doing webinars or seminars. DON'T give them SLBD just for showing up, give them one for staying (or listening) through the entire presentation. But of course, it could be used either way. Result: Get more people in your "seats" to watch your webinar, seminar, conference call or video.

Non-Profit Organizations ... Need donations? Imagine approaching businesses with the concept of giving a donation, and in exchange, they'll receive: "A FREE $297 "Support Local Business Day" platform to help your business grow and save on operating expenses. This is something businesses and business people can actually use, as opposed to Candy Bars or Bingo Tickets. PLUS, YOU get to keep 100% of each donation and be able to offer UNLIMITED SLBD Memberships. If you use our program, donations received will out-way the price for our optional advertising package. You cannot lose. Furthermore, it gives you the perfect excuse to contact your previous donors for new donations. Result: Bottom line ... You'll get MORE DONATIONS for your cause, and, you'll have a specific marketplace (businesses and business people) to get those donations from.

MailBox Rental Locations ... Lots of business people use mailbox rental places. SLBD makes a great incentive or "thank you" for renting a mailbox from YOU! Remember, it would cost your prospect $297 if they go to our website directly without your "ambassador code." Result: When someone enters your location to ask about a mailbox rental, they want one, it's just a matter of the terms. Offering the SLBD platform to help their business grow makes for happier customers and a competitive advantage.

Coffee Shops ... There's literally thousands of Business Meetups taking place everyday at coffee shops around the world. Order a cup-of-coffee, receive the SLBD platform worth $297. Even coffee shop customers can use the program as an incentive. Example: "Hey Bob, if we have that meeting at the coffee shop, I can get you that $297 "Support Local Business Day" platform to help your business grow and save on operating expenses, See you there." Result: Imagine getting more customers bringing other customers to your coffee shop. And, imagine selling additional cups of coffee to walk-in customers just for ordering one additional cup of coffee. Example: (Coffee Shop) "If you order one extra coffee to go, we can throw in the $297 "Support Local Business Day" Membership.

Credit Card and Debit Card Providers ... You've seen credit cards and debit cards that offer various value-added benefits just for receiving or USING their card, right? Well how about this: "The next time you make a purchase with your card, you'll receive a $297 "Support Local Business Day" platform to help your business grow and save on operating expenses. Or, look at all the benefits and services you can receive just for getting your card today. Result: Increased value and benefits for potential cardholders and card buyers. Plus, you'll get greater call-to-action to do a transaction or for getting an additional card. The added transactions or additional cards purchased will far exceed the distribution license price.

B2B Products and Services ... Whether you provide Office Supplies or Services, Merchant Accounts, Business Consulting Services, Coaching and so on, SLBD can be used to help grow your client's business and be thankful YOU were able to provide it to them. Result: Imagine what that could do for your bottom line. Example: Let's say you're selling office machine printers. Just for looking at our printer DEMO, get a $297 SLBD Membership.

Have You Written a Book About Business? ... SLBD is a great incentive to purchase your book. Just think of the tons and tons of added value you're providing. Also, what a great gift to give your previous buyers. Re-contacting your previous buyers also gives you the perfect excuse to present all your new books (or other stuff). Result: More book sales, re-orders, upgrades and cross-sells.

Gurus ... Are you selling SEO, Website Services, How to Get New Business Information and virtually anything else being offered to businesses or business people? SLBD is for you. Result: Our program fits perfectly as a "wrap-a-around" with YOUR program for additional massive value. In other words, more sales for your product or service.
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